Fascination Ahr wine

Living viticulture at the Ahr – Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

The book was just in print when the flood disaster occurred in the Ahr Valley, so some things are already historical now. However, most of the vineyards are undamaged and the winegrowers are reorganizing.

Paul Gieler comes from a family of winegrowers from Rech and is considered one of the best experts on viticulture in the Ahr. Easily understandable and sometimes humorous, he imparts a wealth of knowledge about the wine of the Ahr.


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Paul Gieler is one of the great teachers, advisors, experts and specialists in the Ahr region. For me, Paul Gieler embodies the Ahr region like no other wine personality. Enjoy reading!
Alexander Kohnen, founder and owner of the International Wine Institute

The trained winemaker and co-initiator of the successful “Ahr Wine Discussion Group” presents a cornucopia of Ahr wine knowledge in a “cuvée” of profound expertise and personal experiences around the Ahr wine, which should amaze even connoisseurs of Ahr wine. Gielers historical treatise of viticulture offers a complete history of the Ahrwein with perspectives for the future. The author draws on a rich network of winemakers, scientists, physicians, and viticultural technicians. The results of his research combine knowledge in an easy-to-read way with partly new, thought-provoking theories. Original: Gieler’s interview with a grapevine. Conclusion: Recommended, richly illustrated reading with rare photographs not only for wine connoisseurs and those who want to become one. Because: With wine knowledge the wine from the Ahr valley tastes even better.
Gerd Weigl – Journalist in the Ahr Valley

Paul Gieler has the advantage that he not only has a profound technical knowledge, but that he has learned viticulture from scratch. This combination of practice and knowledge at the cutting edge of research makes the book understandable even for the layman. Paul Gieler lets his readers look deep into the wine glass, a pleasure without regret.
Hans-Georg Klein, Chairman of the Heimatverein Alt Ahrweiler e.V.

23 x 16.5 cm, hardcover, 256 pages

by Paul Gieler, published by Eifel-Verlag