Shipping Terms and Conditions

Please review the prices in our aforementioned product description. They are understood to include VAT. The delivery shall be made within two weeks after receipt of the order. The delivery in other bottle sizes (e.g. 0.25 l, 0.375 l, 0.5 l) shall likewise be made in the designated packaging units without any surcharge. Special packaging shall be used upon the buyer’s request and subject to the billing of the additional costs. With a minimum invoiced amount of 149 €, shipping within the German mainland shall be done free-of-charge.

Please keep in mind that an island surcharge shall be billed for deliveries to some islands. Please check this in advance by contacting tel: +49 (0) 2641/343 76 or via E-Mail

For deliveries under 149 €, you must assume the freight costs.

Shipping per DPD German Mainland Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland Finland, Denmark
1 - 3 Bottles 7,90 € 15,90 € 24 € 24 €
4 - 18 Bottles 9,90 € 19,90 € 28 € 35,-- €
over 19 Bottles 16,90 €  32,00 €       ...     ...

With a minimum order amount of 149 €, delivery within Germany shall be free-of-charge. 

With a minimum order amount of 250 €, the delivery within the zones of the Benelux and Austria shall be free-of-charge.

For shipping to other countries from an order value of 149,-- € we charge the shipping costs according to the list minus the costs for domestic shipping.

Shipping to a packaging centre shall not be possible.

Shipping per DPD in packs up to 18 bottles.

Shipping by freight forwarder in original six packs by mutual agreement.

For the use of telecommunications equipment, costs shall be incurred in the amount of the rate prescribed by your telecommunications service provider. We shall not offer a service hotline.

The cooperative may demand advance payments, partial advance payments or cash on delivery.

Delivery, Performance, Payment

If the Customer is an entrepreneur, the delivery shall be made at the risk and the expense of the Customer. If the Customer is a consumer, delivery shall be made at the Customer’s expense. Until payment in full of the purchase price is made, the delivered goods shall remain our property. If nothing to the contrary has been agreed, the payment must be made without any discounts within 14 days after receipt of the invoice.


If the products which we have supplied are discovered to have obvious defects–which also include transport damage, please immediately report such defects to us. However, the failure to promptly report these defects shall have no consequences for your statutory claims if you are a consumer.

For all defects in the purchased goods which are discovered during the statutory warranty period, as you so choose, the statutory claims for subsequent performance, for elimination of the defects/a new delivery shall be valid as well as–in the event that the statutory requirements are fulfilled–the more extensive claims for reduction of the purchase price or rescission of the contractual agreement as well as also to damage compensation including damage compensation in lieu of performance as well as the reimbursement of your futile expenditures. The cooperative shall be liable for only one year’s time for claims for defects in its dealings with entrepreneurs.