Ohse Jonge

The young winegrower project of the Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein

Recently, the young winegrowers of the Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein joined together in order to contribute their own ideas to the tradition-rich cooperative. Their name: “Ohse Jonge”, thus the “Young People” of the cooperative. This group includes employees, trainees, but also members or their children.

The young winegrowers meet in regular intervals, exchange ideas on the wine theme and create new ideas. In so doing, it is important to them to “look beyond their own noses”, so to speak, and also familiarise themselves and try out the wines from other winegrowing regions. These inspirations also flow into their own wine.

Our “Ohse Jonge” of the Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein are Natalie Richter, Theresa Friedrich, Felix Brüggert, Johannes Kastenholz, Marius Schäfer, Johanna Küls, Alex Müller, Florian Schreier and Stella Bünnagel.