Handmade wine

In time-consuming handiwork, our winegrowers work their vineyards above the historical old town of Ahrweiler. Upon a daily basis, they care for their grapevines on our steep slopes. In so doing, we rely on “Quality Instead of Quantity” and collectively work the 24 hectares around Ahrweiler. The reward for our efforts consists of wines of exquisite quality.

You can receive an overview of our “special” locations here:

Ahrweiler Daubhaus

Soils: Primarily loam in addition to greywacke

Grape types: Spätburgunder, Portugieser

Wines: Velvety red wines, often robust, sometimes powerful

Ahrweiler Rosenthal

Boils: Very differentiated, stony loam, loess and greywacke

Grape types: Spätburgunder, Portugieser, Weißburgunder

Wines: Full of character, refined fruity to full-bodied and powerful

Dernauer Rosenberg

Soils: very varied, stony loam, loess and graywacke

Grape Types: Spätburgunder, Frühburgunder, Dornfelder

Wines: full of character, delicately fruity to full-bodied and powerful

Ahrweiler Forstberg

Soils: Loam, greywacke

Grape Types: Spätburgunder, Weißburgunder

Wines: Powerful, often complex