The Wine-Tasting

Enjoy our AhrWein during one of our wine-tastings in the Ahr Valley

Our historic vaulted cellar not only offers our products the optimal storage for maturation, but also invites one to enjoy the wines during meals with its rustic ambiance. A wine-tasting will become an unforgettable experience in this unique atmosphere for all occasions–regardless of whether it is a framework programme for a conference, association, company or family excursion.


Classical Wine-Tasting

Experience the wines of
the Ahr Valley in a cosy atmosphere.


Wine-Tasting for Everyone

Try our wines at our
weekly open wine-tasting.

Grüne Probierstube

One Day at
the Winegrower’s

Learn from a winegrower everything Worth knowing all around the subject Wine.

wandern und wein

and Wine

Hike through the vineyards with one of our winegrowers.

We would be glad to also give you a guided tour through the Ahrweiler vineyards as well as through our small viniculture museum or organise our daily programmes for you. We would be glad to advise you at  +49 (0) 2641/34376.

Wine-Tasting Flyer 2020

You can download the wine-tasting flyer for the year 2020 in PDF format here quickly and conveniently.

Classical Wine-Tasting

With our classical wine-tasting, you will experience the wines of the Ahr Valley in a cosy atmosphere. We would also be glad to organise theme-based wine-tasting events such as, for example, “Cheese and Wine” or wine seminars (respectively with a minimum of 30 persons.) Set up your individual wine-tasting event based upon the group size and your wishes.

  • Optional reception with champagne with special candle-lighting
  • Optional food or buffet offering (starting from 6 wines)
  • Tasting 3-10 exclusive wines
  • Optional vineyard guided tour (approx. 1.5 h)

Wine-Tasting for Everyone

From April to October, we will offer a wine-tasting event with four wines with a guided tour of the cellar every Wednesday and Friday at 3:00 p.m. This is a good opportunity for individual visitors and small groups to familiarise themselves with our wines. From 01 November to the 4th weekend of Advent, we will always still be offering this guided tour only on Fridays at 3:00 p.m.

  • Wine-tasting without prior registration, simply just come by spontaneously
  • Children up to 16 years of age can taste the delicious fruit juices
Prices Duration
9€ per person 2 hours
4,50€ per child

One Day at the Winegrower’s

Experience a day at the winegrower’s and learn exciting things about the occupation of winegrower and viniculture. During the tour, you will be able to try out some outstanding droplets and regional delights in the rustic and cosy ambiance of our cooperative.

  • Reception with champagne
  • Attending the AhrWeinForum with coffee and cake (approx. 1.5 h)
  • Guided vineyard tour (approx. 1.5 h)
  • Cellar tour (approx. 0.5 h)
  • Wine-tasting of six wines with special cellar illumination,
    also a rustic winegrower's buffet (approx. 2,5h)
Prices Duration
580,– € for groups of up to 14 persons Approx. 6 hours
39,– € per person for groups of at least 15 persos Beginning at 2 p.m.

Hiking and Wine

Enjoy the beauty of the vineyards during a guided tour with one of our winegrowers in which you try out five different wines from impressive lookout points. Our “hiking wine-tasting tour” will lead us from Dernau through the vineyards to the historic cellar of the Ahrweiler Winzer-Verein where you will be awaited at the end by quite special droplets.

  • Champagne reception in Dernau
  • Rotweinwanderweg (hiking path) through the Ahr Valley
  • Guided tour with an experienced winegrower from the cooperative
  • Wine-tasting of five wines during the hike
Prices Duration
330,– € for groups of up to 14 persons Approx. 4-5 hours
120,– € plus 14,00 € per person for groups of at least 15 persons